Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is there a delay when I start playing?

PGGB-RT does 'near real-time' processing. PGGB-RT does close to ideal resampling, there is a finite time PGGB-RT requires to process the first track. Depending on the track length and your PCs processing speed, this can be a few seconds to tens of seconds. Once the first track starts playing, the subsequent tracks will be processed in the background and play gap-less.

Does PGGB-RT support DSD upsampling?

PGGB-RT currently does not support DSD but it is a planned feature for a future release.

What sort of PC will I need for running PGGB-RT?

We recommend a Windows 10 64 bit PC with a minimum of 8GB RAM and 4 core processor. For the best results, a low noise fanless PC, with 32GB or RAM and 8 core processor would be ideal.

Does PGGB-RT support multi-channel music?

PGGB-RT currently does not support multi-channel PCM or DSD, but it is relatively easy to extend it to support multi-channel. If there is modest demand for it, or a requirement for a commercial application,we are open to offering multi-channel support. Just drop us an email.

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